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Unjustified reviews on the net - How do you deal with them correctly?

Everyone knows the topic with the unpleasant reviews on the Internet. There are now countless platforms on which the end customer is allowed to rate a service or product received. However, it is not uncommon for this type of evaluation to be used by competitors or by authors paid for it by the like to cast your company in the wrong light. So when you start your own business, bear in mind that you too may be affected if you start your own business and possibly work more successfully than your competitors.

Fake News & Frida Claire

Of course, a company like Frida Claire is not immune to this chalice. As a company with many years of experience, we also face up to such things and can already report on the basis of our experience with this unsightly topic. Of course, Frida Claire is almost always in the focus of the competition, because we address the "things" that many people try to let fall under the table. Success is polarizing and if you, too, should be affected in the later course, first consider that you are not unfoundedly unobjective and misrepresented. Rather, it is a sign to you that you are on the right path and that this path disturbs some of your competitors. You can read a lot of positive things about Frida Claire, on different platforms, already on the net. However, there are also unjustified negative reviews that were placed for the reason of putting Frida Claire in the wrong light. We do not allow ourselves to be influenced by this and pass this attitude on to our customers. First and foremost, try not to become the most popular, but the most successful bridal fashion retailer.

Are there possibilities or countermeasures?

Yes, the relevant experts are relatively certain that such assessments will hardly be legally enforceable after the adoption of the new data protection laws. But if you take a look behind the scenes, you will quickly find suitable ways to track down anonymous authors on the basis of the traces left on the net and to take countermeasures. For legal reasons, we will end our description of this matter at this point, but we would like to point out that countermeasures are possible, even if your lawyer advises you that legal action almost always comes to nothing here.

General handling of information from the net.

Of course Frida Claire does not only have supporters and it can also be that some dealers were or are not personally satisfied with the cooperation. The reasons for this, however, have never been to Frida Claire herself, but to false expectations and insufficient preparation for the contractual content that the company offers, depending on the type of cooperation chosen. Our recommendation in the world of the truthless anonymity of reviews on the Internet is to always make one's own opinion about a fact and to prepare oneself legally, as well as purely informative sufficiently. This begins by giving preference to cooperation with a German company according to German law and by obtaining detailed information prior to cooperation. Frida Claire works with its dealers on a contractual basis so that our customers are already aware of what they need to know before working with us (dealer protection, payment methods, etc.). We also recommend the preliminary examination of a cooperation by a legal adviser. That gives you security. As a new founder or trader, you do not have to hope or follow recommendations from the Internet or third parties, because hope is always the wrong guide when setting up a business.


Always be up-to-date


Our mission is to provide on daily base the optimal solution, the best quality and most outstanding services for our B2B bridal fashion dealers. Achieving steady growth at Frida Claire, both for our customers and ourselves, is always at the forefront, driven by technically savvy and highly integrated processes. With Frida Claire you as a retailer are simply a bit better than your competitors.

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